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Welcome to The Adirondack Broomball's 
Web site -

NEWS FLASH! 3-22-08, 7pm,  The Oswego Outlaws came into the Glens Falls Civic Center and stole the

The Outlaws From Oswego - 2008 Empire State / NE Broomball Champs

The Outlaws from Oswego - 2008 Empire State / NE Broomball Champions


Rouses Point Roadrunners- 2008 Empire State / NE Broomball Runners up

Rouses Point Roadrunners- 2008 Empire State / NE Broomball Runners up

THE 2008 "EMPIRE CUP" - (New York State/Northeast Championship)...

The 2008 NYS/NE Broomball Tournament was held on Saturday March 22nd, 2008 at the Glens Falls Civic Center in Glens Falls, NY. 

Final scores...

There was a 2 game 'position round' where teams had been pre-seeded based on last year's performance and mainly in an effort to prevent teams from their own area playing each other:

1 - Oswego Outlaws
2 - Northeast Cougars
3 - Rouses Point Roadrunners
4 - The Full Moon
5 - Clarkson Flying Hellfish
6 - Tanuki Attack
7 - Adirondack Pressure Washing
8 - Nezezon Construction

_9:00 - NEC 4 - APW 0
_9:45 - OO 2 - NezC 1
10:30 - RP 8 - TA 0
11:15 - FM 2 - CFH 1
12:00 - OO 4 - APW 2
12:45 - NEC 4 - NezC 0
_1:30 - FM 1 - TA 0
_2:15 - RP 5 - CFH 0


Teams were then re-seeded for this single elimination round.

3:00 - NEC 4 - APW 3 (APW Disqualified at 17:55 in the 2nd)
3:45 - RPRR 7 - TA 0
4:30 - NezC 4 - FM 0
5:15 - OO 4 - CFH 0

6:00 - RPRR 4 - NezC 2
6:45 - OO 2 - NEC 0 (forfeit)

7:30 - Oswego Outlaws 1 - Rouses Point Roadrunners 0

For more information and rules  - see the  message board !

Johnny O's Pub - 2008 Home of Adirondack Broomball

Oswego keeps the President's Cup...

11:00 Yellow 2 - APW 0
12:00 Oswego 11 - Full Moon 1
1:00 Oswego 5 - APW 0
2:00 Full Moon 4 - Yellow 1
3:00 Oswego 3 - Yellow 0
4:00 APW 5 - Full Moon 2

Full Moon______1___2___0___2_____7____17____-10___

Tie breakers: Full Moon eliminated from 3 way tie for second by
"goal differential". APW eliminated from the remaining 2 way tie
for 2nd by a "head to head" 0-2 loss to Yellow.

5:00 Oswego 4 - Yellow 1

For more information see the  message board !

Northeast Ironman takes a step outside and brings you the first of many 


Saturday Feb 23rd from 11am - 6pm at Johnny O's, So Glens Falls, NY. 

First 36 paid players are in. 

This is an individual sign up event (not a team event). Players will be divided evenly amongst the teams based on ability, experience etc. 
Open to all calibers of play, (including beginners) from anywhere. 

4 team round robin with the top 2 teams playing off. 
(tournament can be expanded to more teams if needed)

4 on 4 plus goalies, non-checking, 7' x 5' goals, red line in/out, paid official and the coveted "ICEMAN CHAMPION" fleece for the winning team. 

Cost is only $15 per player. 

Entry deadline is Thursday Feb 16th, but may fill up before that.

Refunds will be honored for valid reasons or if the tourney can't be played. 

Cash, checks made out to 'Adirondack Broomball League' or credit cards accepted c/o Impressive Imprints. 

For more information see the  message board !

League play Started on Saturday 2-2-08

If anyone is looking to get a team in or get on a team, contact me soon...321-4244.

Check back here or the message board for further info!

IronMan IV

Saturday Dec 1st, 2007
- Team Crisafulli

  W L T Pts GF GA GD
Yellow 3 1 0 6 12 4 +6
Grey 2 1 1 5 7 5 +2
Blue 2 2 0 4 5 7 -2
Black 1 2 1 3 6 9 -5
Red 1 3 9 2 4 9 -3

Championship: Yellow 4 - Grey 0

For more Info see the MESSAGE BOARD  

Empire Cup 2007 logo
The second annual Empire Cup, New York State Championship Broomball Tournament was held on
March 31st 2007, at the Glens Falls Civic Center.
Oswego Outlaws 2007 Champs
2007 New York State Champions - Oswego Outlaws

Northeast Cougars - 2007 Runners up
2007 New York State Runners up - Northeast Cougars


Northeast Ironman III 
Saturday December 9th, 2006
Glens Falls, Civic Center
Glens Falls, New York

Email Update

"ADK BB Group" and "Northeast BB Group" email addresses,

(Northeast Broomball Group now contains all Adirondack Broomball Group members).  If you'd like your address removed or changed, please email Gary.  If you have any addresses that you would like added or know of someone else's to be added, please let Gary know as well and specify if you'd like to be in
the "Adirondack League Group" or the "Northeast BB Group"
(addresses will not be displayed in these emails when sent out).
Most email messages will also be posted on the message board at

Email Gary @

The Homestead Broomball Team
Adirondack Broomball League Champions 1986
Homestead Broomball Team 1986

Still the best looking bunch of guys to ever play Broomball - as voted by Ma Nichols from the KaRooom Room.

THE "EMPIRE CUP 2006" - (NYS/Northeast Championship)...
The first annual NY/NE State Broomball Tournament was held on Saturday April 15th at the Lake City Stars Arena in Plattsburgh NY.


Position round:

Cougars 4 - Nezezon 1
Full Moon 4 - Clarkson 0
Roadrunners 3 - Nezezon 3
Cougars 3 - Clarkson 1
Roadrunners 2 - Full Moon 1

Play-in game:
Nezezon 3 - Clarkson 2

Cougars 4 - Nezezon 2
Full Moon 3 - Roadrunners 0

Cougars 4 - Full Moon 3

Superman Tournament - 'TEAM' Event...The unofficial semi-official results...
Full Moon = Brian Greens (G), Ingalls, Randall, OJ, Izzo, Joe Meade, Doster, M. Bapp.
American Tree = Balls (G), Boone, Burch, Bunns, Harris, Mattison, J. Stranahan.
Adirondack Pressure Washing = Deaner (G), Greg, Junie, Ray, J. Kelly, Shipley, John Daly, J. Bapp, Dan Girard.

#1 APW - goals by J. Bapp (4), Greg (2), Daly (2), Junie.
#2 ATree - goals by Harris (3), Boone, Burch.
#3 Moon - goals by Randall (2), Doster.

APW wins games 1-4-5-8-9-10-13-14-17.
AT wins games 3-6-11-12-15.
FM wins games 2-7-16
For more Info see the

Adirondack Broomball Rink - Full Moon Bar & Grill
Glen Lake, New York - February 2005 (below)
Full Moon Rink

Adirondack Broomball Rink - Full Moon Bar & Grill
Glen Lake, New York

See Message Board for more info.

2005 Riley Cup Champions
Adirondack Tree Surgeons 2005 Riley Cup Champions
Adirondack Tree Surgeons 2005 Riley Cup Champions
15-0-0 record in the Adirondack Broomball League.
ATS Celebrates
ATS Celebrate their Riley Cup Victory!
Iron Clad Congratulates ATS
Iron Clad Congratulates ATS on their Win in a Snowy Riley Cup.
Adirondack Tree Surgeons
Adirondack Tree Surgeons with their 2005 Riley Cup
1st Place Northern Division
1st Place Northern Division - Adirondack Tree Surgeons

February 26, 2005 - Adirondack Tree Surgeons
take home the Riley Cup!

ATS - 2005 hardware

Adirondack Tree Surgeons collection of trophies for 2005.
ATS goes 15 and 0 in the Adirondack Broomball League!

ATS took the Riley Cup from the two time defending champs Iron Clad by a final score of 3 - 2.  ATS had a 2 - 0 lead at the half only to see the score tied after three minutes of play.  However, ATS managed another score and held off numerous challenges by Iron Clad.  Earlier in the Semi-finals Iron Clad was able to come from behind and beat McCann's / Trotter's, with a goal by Gary Randall with 15 seconds to play. ATS added to their perfect 12-0 regular season with a Semi-final win over Home Improvement Gallery.

Bird Shot
Bird takes a shot on goal.
Who has Martin?

Remember that there is always Hot food and Cold drinks in the Full Moon!  If needed they do have 
hot drinks available.

Full Moon Rink
Adirondack Broomball Rink - Full Moon Bar & Grill
Glen Lake, New York

MESSAGE BOARD up and running!

The rules are simple. Keep it clean.
As stated "Adirondack Broomball reserves the right to pull any post without valid name or email address".
What this means is, we would appreciate some sort of signature to your post. It can be your name, nickname or any other reference to who you are. For example Gary Randall can be Gary, GR, IC14, Iron14, Clad14, White14, etc.
Should you wish to express any criticism and/or negative comments, you MUST identify yourself or your post will be taken down. Your IP address can be traced, repeat offenders will be blocked from posting messages.
Positive input is greatly appreciated. If you type in your email address, people can respond directly to you by clicking on who the post is "by" which would be highlighted in blue.
Again, "keep it clean", and have fun.

We've come a long way...

2004 -2005 Broomball News:  Prior news  News Link!

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**Keep checking this site for the latest updates, schedules and standings.  I will start posting all info, as soon as, I get updates!  During the season I will update at least once every Monday night!


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Impressive Imprints
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